Thanks to the experience developed in the professional cyclist and at the end of a long cycling career that achieved its top level with the silver medal at the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964 in the Men’s team pursuit, Vincenzo Mantovani decided to start producing high-quality cycling sportswear and thus begins in 1970 his extraordinary adventure as entrepreneur.

The workshop developed in a short time and turned into a real industrial structure to assume – in a few years – the role of market leader, innovating in a revolutionary way the technique of sportswear realization in general and cycling sportswear in particular. MOA Sport is now led by Claudio Mantovani, who in 1989 has taken over the company, applying himself heart and soul to the continuous development of the brand.

For more than 40 years on the market, the company presents itself as a solid and growing reality, based on traditional values but strongly oriented to technology. MOA Sport is a leader in the manufacture and marketing of clothing and footwear for cyclists.

All Nalini products are developed and produced in Italy by MOA Sport’s internal production lines. The style and quality of Made in Italy, combined with the technology of materials used and the attention to detail, are our trademark.

Research and development of materials: the fabrics chosen for our garments are designed and internally “field tested” for a long time before using them. They are star of art materials, designed to ensure the best performance and the maximum comfort.

Nalini’s brand new pads have being developed to satisfy the most demanding athletes. High wearability is the main feature of the whole collection: all garments are designed according to their use “on the bike”.

The long experience of cycling champions who wear MOA Sport products has been transferred to the design/manufacture of garments, in order to ensure easier movements and longer comfort even during extended training or most challenging competitions.

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