Fuji Bikes, is an American-owned Japanese brand of bicycles and cycling equipment. The company is a descendant of Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company, Ltd. (日米富士自転車株式会社?), a bicycle manufacturer originally established in Japan in 1899. The company took its name and logo from Mount Fuji, a Japanese symbol of strength and endurance. After ownership changes, the company was purchased by Advanced Sports International of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

By the 1950s Fuji bikes dominated the Asian market and were distributed in the American market under Toshoku America Inc. Fuji offered a bike style for every kind of rider although they were weighted to road and touring styles.

Fuji bikes today often beat other more-well known competitors in bike reviews. The 8kg Fuji Team Pro was pitted by Australian cycling magazine “Ride Cycling Review” in 2009 against six other brands of a much higher price tag. The Fuji bike was the cheapest in price but came in second overall. While this is a high performance bike there are plenty of more fun, functional and affordable models to look into.

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