• LOOP 2 (SL-LD 140- R- BA)

    LOOP 2 (SL-LD 140- R- BA)

    MRP 1,090/- HSN CODE: 85122010 SPECIFICATIONS: Dimension: 28 x 28 x 27 mm Weight: 20 grams (light unit and battery)...

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    MRP 1,190/- FEATURES: The HL-EL135 has three LEDs and OptiCube lens technology for a wider, 150 candlepower beam with excellent...

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  • VOLT 100 (HL-EL150RC) YELLOW

    VOLT 100 (HL-EL150RC) YELLOW

    MRP 1,890/- +  Dimension: 34.0 x 90.0 x 35.0 mm +  Weight: 65 grams (light unit and battery) +   Light...

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  • VOLT 1200 (HL-EL 1000RC)

    VOLT 1200 (HL-EL 1000RC)

    MRP 12,990/- FEATURES: The Volt1200 emits 1200 lumens of light through 2 super bright LEDs. This light features 5 modes:...

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  • VOLT 1600 (HL-EL 1010RC)

    VOLT 1600 (HL-EL 1010RC)

    MRP 17,990/- From road to gravel to trail, the USB rechargeable Volt1600 handles them all with ease by pumping out...

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  • VOLT 800 (HL-EL 471RC)

    VOLT 800 (HL-EL 471RC)

    MRP 9,990/- FEATURES: The Volt800 has quickly become the go-to light at CatEye, now that more rides happen after the...

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  • VOLT 400 (HL-EL 461 RC)

    VOLT 400 (HL-EL 461 RC)

    MRP 4990/- FEATURES: Compact design. Replace on-the-fly cartridge battery. Handlebar or helmet mount. Optional fast-charging cradle. We kept everything you...

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  • VOLT 200 (HL-EL 151RC)

    VOLT 200 (HL-EL 151RC)

    MRP 2,990/- Features: With the Volt200, you’ll never have to choose between affordable quality and eco-friendly rechargeability again. Perfect for urbanites,...

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  • VOLT 100 (HL-EL 150RC)

    VOLT 100 (HL-EL 150RC)

    MRP 2,090/- Features: The USB rechargeable Volt100 headlight features a 100 lumen output and three modes: High, Low, and Flashing. Handlebar and...

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